Lionel Press Tools

Hobby Horse Products manufactures a complete line of tools designed for the repair of Lionel electric trains. You can download and print the entire inventory HERE. Please contact us if you have further questions or don’t see what you need. lionellogo

HH1007 15 Piece Tool Set --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $135

The bread and butter tool set for toy train repairs. Riveting, rivet removal and special clinching can be accomplished with this tool set on Lionel, American Flyer, Marx and other makes of new and older toy trains. Includes: DC-1001, DC-1002, DC-1003, DC-1004, DC-1005, DC-1006A, DC-1006B, DC-1006C, DC-1007, DC-1008, DC-1009, DC-1010, DC-1011, DC-1012, DC-1013. All tools are hardened and guaranteed. Included storage block.toolset 1007

Item Desctiption


HH-1011 ------------------------------------ $30.00

2 Piece tool set for replaceing gears in Lionel 100 series power trucks.


HH-1014 ------------------------------------- $10.00

Small Axel Punch


HH-1015 ------------------------------------- $10.00

Large Axel Punch


HH-1019 ------------------------------------ $15.00

Single blade splaying clincher.


HH-1021 ------------------------------------ $45.00

5 Piece rivet anvil set for various shaped rivet heads. Now with longer stems for reaching into deeper areas. Set includes storage block.


HH-1024 ------------------------------------ $30.00

Lionel knuckle coupler rivet removing set. Includes extra punch out pins and storage block.


HH-1025 ------------------------------------ $12.00

Lionel motorized unit handrail rivet clincher.


HH-1027 ------------------------------------ $12.00

Lionel motorized unit handrail punch.


HH-1029 ------------------------------------- $10.00

Anvil for mounting CP-58 pivot stud to truck bracket. Uses DC-1005 star tool for clinching.


HH-1030 ------------------------------------- $10.00

Flat clinching anvil.


HH-1031 ------------------------------------ $40.00

A three piece toolset for replacing bushings in in Lionel F-3's with magna traction axels. These are the .3125 diameter axels. One dozen bushings and instructions included.


HH-1032 ------------------------------------ $30.00

Wheel puller. Especially designed for small wheels but will work on wheels up to 2" in diameter. Will not damage wheels. Instructions included.


HH-1041 ------------------------------------ $45.00

Special offset anvil holder. Fixture mounts in press and allows riveting or punching away from centerline.


HH-1042 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Shaft straightening anvil. 3" diameter fixture for bottom of press for straightening axels and shafts.


HH-1043 ------------------------------------ $45.00

5 piece rivet clincher set. All tools are 2.5" long and come with storage block. Tools are available indivicually for $10.00 ea.


HH-1044 ------------------------------------ $38.00

4 piece long rivet clincher set. All tools are 2.5" long with punch tips of 1/4", 3/16", 1/8", and 1/16". Set includes storage block.


HH-1045 ------------------------------------ $35.00

Lionel ladder mounting tool for Turbines, Alcos and F-3s. This tool kit allows ladders to be clamped in place while ladder is splayed to frame.


HH-1051 ------------------------------------ $15.00

Spring adjustment tool designed for adjustment of flat springs and contacts. Many uses for hard to reach places in trucks, engines, transformers etc. Double ended tool with slots.


HH-1052 ------------------------------------ $45.00

E-unit vice and spreader designed to assist in the repair of Lionel E-units. Spreading tool is used to open unit for removal of drum and contact fingers. Vice is also used to hold E-unit during repair operation.

HH-1052A Spreader only ------------------- $5.00


HH-1054 ------------------------------------ $20.00

A two piece tool set for tightening or replacing Lionel magnetic coupler armature pin.


HH-1062 ------------------------------------ $30.00

Wheel Cup Post provides an automatic height platform for mounting of "O" gauge wheels. Eiminates the need for using the extension pin in the ram of the press.


HH-1063 ------------------------------------ $25.00

Two piece tool set for re clinching tabs on track. Works on "O", "O27" and "S" gauge. Will make old loose track like new.


HH-1064 A & B ---------------------------- $15.00

Anvil for supporting knuckle coupler assembly when tightening to coupler plate or mounting new knuckler assembly. Requires DC-1009 for clinching.

HH-1064A (for coil couplers)

HH-1064B (for magnetic couplers)


HH-1065 ------------------------------------ $25.00

Special anvil for replacing Lionel 3451 metal brakestand. Holds part upright while clinching projection. Requires DC-1010 for clinching.


HH-1070 ------------------------------------ $30.00

Special anvil to support Lionel F-3 and Geep metal side frames. Used for replacing or tightening side frames while still assembled to truck.


HH-1071 ------------------------------------ $30.00

Special anvil for mounting light sockets in Lionel F-3 and caboose frames. Will work on any unit using 2333-24 light socket. 2 piece set with clincher.


HH-1072 ------------------------------------ $25.00

Fixture for mounting 397-50 plastic shield to separator on 397 belt coal loader. Does and excellent job. Includes instructions.


HH-1073 ------------------------------------ $25.00

A frame spreading tool that allows fibre pick up plates to be removed with wheels on motor.


HH-1075 ------------------------------------ $35.00

A bushing system to re-bush Lionel engines with die cast frames. This includes 671, 681, 682, 2243, 2032 etc. Includes instructions.


HH-1078 ------------------------------------ $35.00

A gear removal system guaranteed to work without damaging parts. Will remove gears from armatures and can motors of all gauges.


Lionel Wheelcups


HH-1009 ----------------------------------- $150.00

Lionel 10 piece wheelcup set. Includes Storage Block.


WC-2001 ------------------------------------- $10.00

Axle Mounting Tool

WC-2002U ----------------------------------- $15.00

Upper cup for all diesels including 752 and 636.


WC-2002L ----------------------------------- $25.00

Lower cup for all diesels including 752 and 636.


WC-2003U ----------------------------------- $25.00

Upper cup for 726, 736 and all LTI Berkshires.


WC-2003L ----------------------------------- $25.00

Lower cup for 726, 736 and all LTI Berkshires.


WC-2004U ----------------------------------- $20.00

Upper cup for Locos 2025, 2035, 2046, 2055, 2056, 2065, 646, 665, 675, (1952), 685, 8600, 8702, and 8801.


WC-2004L ----------------------------------- $20.00

Lower cup for Locos 2025, 2035, 2046, 2055, 2056, 2065, 646, 665, 675 (1952), 685, 8600, 8702, and 8801.


WC-2005 ------------------------------------ $15.00

Sleeve for center wheelon WC-2004 U and L


WC-2006U ----------------------------------- $20.00

Upper cup for Locos 2016,2018, 2026, 1952 and later, 2029, 2036, 2037, 637, 8606, 8607, 8608, 8609, and 8611.


WC-2006L ----------------------------------- $20.00

Lower cup for Locos 2016,2018, 2026, 1952 and later, 2029, 2036, 2037, 637, 8606, 8607, 8608, 8609, and 8611.


HH-1020 ------------------------------------- $45.00

Two piece cup set with storage block for 671, 681, and 682. Designed for sintered wheels with inserts and no tires. Will fit sitered wheels GG-1 motorized units.


HH-1022 ------------------------------------ $65.00

NEW DESIGN! These cups will now fit prewar tinplate wheels for 252, 253, 254, 256 258, 259, 260, 264, 265 and 289 and all long shank steam wheels in the series. This redesign eliminates the need for three sets of wheelcups previously offered. Comes with storage block and instructions.


HH-1023 ------------------------------------ $50.00

Two piece wheelcup set for original, LTI and reproduction Hudson wheels. Includes storage block.


HH-1034 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Wheel cup for Baldwin disc type wheels with 1/4" side rod shank. 1-7/16" diameter wheel with steel tire such as Lionel 229 engine. Two piece cup set quartered and marked to work on shanked and plain wheels in the series.


HH-1037 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Wheel cup set for Lionel 675 and LTI 8206, 8603 and Baldwin disc drivers.


HH-1038 ------------------------------------ $45.00

Special order steam turbine wheel cups for wheels that will not fit HH-1020 set. A description fo the wheel will be necessary to get the correct dimensions.


HH-1039 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Two piece wheel cup set for Lionel 1666, 221 and 2026 early models with steel tires.


HH-1040 ------------------------------------ $55.00

Lionel Hiawatha two piece wheel cup set. Quartered and marked set for mounting original and preproduction wheels on 250E engine.


HH-1059 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Two piece wheel cup set for 2330-37 GG-1 wheel with storage block.


HH-1067 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Two piece wheel cup set for LTI 8500 series wheels with plastic inserts. No more broken wheels with this set!


HH-1069 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Two piece wheel cup set for 1664, 1654 and 1655 Lionel steam engines with storage block.


HH-1080 ------------------------------------ $40.00

Four piece wheel cup set for mounting post war steam engine front and rear truck wheels. Includes storage block.